Optimal Brain Nutrition

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When I practiced as a doctor of Naturopathic medicine I found that supplements feeding the brain could reverse many neurological problems. 25 years ago my father had Parkinson’s disease and was taking many medications. Through careful research I put together a formulation and asked him to take the supplements. I never had to ask him to take the supplements again, he would tell me, “You know I’m getting mighty low on those vitamins you gave me.” My father being of an older generation and from the south this was quite a statement; it proved to me that he felt a difference on the supplements. I saw that he was able to keep strength and mobility quite well while he was on this program. Unfortunately my mother passed away and he married another woman who convinced him that he did not need to take any supplements. His health went down so quickly it was amazing and he died within three years after marrying her.

I am not stating that the supplements cured the Parkinson’s disease, but they gave him mental clarity and energy that his body desperately needed. The proof was how quickly he deteriorated once he stopped using supplementation.

The supplements that feed the brain most effectively are, in order, as follows:

Chronic Fatigue Nutrition

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Chronic fatigue nutrition starts with a sound diet. To end chronic fatigue, it is crucial to get your body in balance. By that, I mean to drastically cut white sugar and processed flour from your diet. Cut back on fried foods and fast foods and move towards a living diet. A living diet mainly consists of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Take a minimum of 3 weeks and get rid of all the caffeine in your diet. No coffee, no tea, no pop (soda).

Once you get your diet in order, the next thing to look at when it comes to chronic fatigue is nutritional supplements. One of the more popular supplements being looked into right now is creatine. A study was published in the June 2004 issue of the Journal of Applied Physiology. The result was that creatine was found to affect mitochondria which are part of the cell which produces energy for biological functioning. In layman’s terms, it helps cell function, nervous system function, and muscle function which means it is a positive for those who suffer from chronic fatigue. If you are thinking about taking creatine, may I just throw out a word of caution on a personal note. Creatine supplementation requires you to drink plenty of water. Bodybuilders use is to push water into the muscle which makes them look bigger so you may see some weight gain while using this supplement.

Protein Supplements

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Protein is the most essential macro-nutrient for bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone else involved in regular exercise.  Although it can be very difficult to make sure that you are eating protein consistently throughout the day, protein supplements are in easy, tasty, and relatively inexpensive way to make sure you reach all of your nutritional demands.  NOT getting enough protein is a sure way to destroy muscle and promote catabolism, which is obviously detrimental to any type of fitness program or goal. The most popular and useful types of protein supplements are:

Whey Protein(Concentrate/Isolate)

This supplement is a must have for pretty much everyone.  With proper utilization of this protein supplement I have seen many “hardgainers” gain 10 pounds of muscle and increase their overall strength drastically in about a months time.  Now I’m not saying that everyone will have this type of reaction to taking a protein supplement, but I truly believe that you cannot have a balanced nutrition program without incorporating a high quality protein source into your daily regimen.
Whey isolate is an easily digestible supplement and has a better amino acid profile than even egg whites, meaning it has the highest biological value that you can get from any food or supplement.  This makes whey protein the best supplement for your post workout meal because of how easily it is for your body to process and use this type of protein. 
Milk Based Proteins(Casein)

Childhood Nutrition Tips

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Many families today lead incredibly busy lives. Amid the hustle and bustle of a chaotic lifestyle, parents may begin to worry about whether or not their children are receiving adequate nutrition. Since adequate nutrition is so important to a child and the child’s ability to grow healthy and strong, it is not surprising to find parents seeking out innovative methods of ensuring that children get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. While giving a child a daily vitamin supplement is certainly a positive measure, there are other things that parents can do to ensure that their child is getting adequate vitamins and nutrients.

Some children are super picky when it comes to eating and this can cause a parent great concern. How does a parent get a child to diversify his or her diet without struggling with the child? The key is to stick to it and to continue to introduce healthy foods into the child’s regular diet. Even if a child seems to prefer the same foods time and time again, introducing new foods will eventually help the child in identifying things that he or she enjoys eating. If choosing to introduce new, healthy meals and snacks a parent should refrain from overwhelming the child with too many new or strange foods as well. Children are more apt to appreciate new food introductions if they are not constantly seeing something different appear on their plates. 

Contributing towards Baby’s Health Insurance

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Health insurance, much like any other type of insurance, is often considered as a necessary evil – a devil to pay when you don’t know that you will ever need its services, but an angel that you’re grateful you have when you do need to recoup on its promises.  The banking of your baby’s stem cell cord blood isn’t really too different, although the stakes are infinitely higher. 

If your child lives the long and healthy life that any parent wishes for their own flesh and blood, then it’s a decision you never need to regret making – at least your child was covered against a variety of adverse eventualities. If, however, your child needs it as a result of ill health, your rewards might be both life changing and life saving.  Still skeptical?  You’ve really no need to be. Umbilical cord stem cell advancement is still evolving. It is nonetheless proven by the amounts and varieties of serious diseases that have already been cured with stem cell treatments carried out on original donors and their siblings.

Some schools of thought believe that what are known as autologous treatments – when a child’s own cord blood stem cells are used to treat itself – remain unknown quantities.  They claim that congenital disorders, which exist in effected baby’s either before birth, at birth or within a month of birth, can render a baby’s stem cells useless in future attempts to treat the child for a condition it already suffers from.  This is why both mum’s and baby’s bloods are collected and tested before the cord blood preservation process is carried out.  Reputable blood banks such as Cryo-Cell take every possible precautionary measure to ensure that congenital conditions are detected before proceeding.