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Originally published in 1987, Men’s Health of the world’s largest men’s magazine with advices for men who see, feel, and live better. Addressing its issues energetic, successful and professional readers, Men’s Health has become one-stop source to look for men who have a better control over their physical, mental and emotional state.

Each issue of Men Heath features insightful articles about fitness, fashion, health, food, travel, finances, relationships and groundbreaking gear. Knowledgable journalists together with experienced professionals who can provide valuable information on important issues concern men of all ages.


experienced columnists of MEN’S HEALTH, that a well-structured body to be carried out not only in the gym. In addition to the weekly training, men need the right amount of vitamins and the proper nutritional ingredients. To this end, the magazine offers quick and easy recipes that can immediately be made in “Eat This, Not That!” Section. Contains all the necessary ingredients that the body needs after a workout, Men’s Health provides reliable, informative tips on how to live longer and healthier.

Regarding Sex & Relationships, Men’s Health provides comprehensive coverage of the steps that a man needs to make in order to keep his sexual attraction alive. For example: “The Girl Next Door” is a special column Nicole Beland, which sheds light on men questions about women under a female perspective.

Men’s Health is loaded with complete instructions for dealing with the world’s greatest exercises. Some of his regular articles include “How fit are you?” that interviews top athletes to know how they arrived at the top in terms of speed, endurance, strength and flexibility, “Secrets from Top Gyms America”, the annual coach a list of the best gyms of America and America’s top 50 Personal disclose their covers secrets for building muscle, “Style Guide” that includes a tour of the best products for good looking appearance, and “men and their cars: A Love Story”, which contains a complete guide of advantages for certain types of cars


On the other hand, Men’s Health has been strong for relentlessly focusing on the development of the perfect body which men criticized worry about building the perfect body. According to some psychologists, these angsts men may be more prone to eating disorders and neurotic over-training.

Personally I read Men’s Health quite sometimes when my friend is one of the most dedicated fans. My first impression – though I’m no expert and certainly not a man – is it good advice on health, what to eat, women, fitness, cardio, sports and so on features plus it has a Hot Shot celebrities on the cover every month. together with an excellent article on how to stay fit

but looking back at past issues I sense that something is missing. Most likely, the sharp pen of Greg Gutfeld and Denis Boyles who did not compromise at the cost of advertising and wrote the truth as it was, and did not as the reader probably would read. My final impression is that Men’s Health sacrifices quality at the expense of political correctness. And some people this is enough to give negative reviews of the magazine. Other than that, it remains a well-rounded magazine. So, type shot.

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