Mens Espadrilles – Comfortable, Fashionable mens footwear

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Someone rightly said “shoes make the man”. Think on this statement, how you will feel if you paired a canvas shoes with a neatly pleated suit. A pair of sport sandals with a traditional outfit will surely add on to your awe in life. Being in fashion not only means you wear the right outfit or wear the apt perfume suiting the occasion. In fashion means wearing or carrying the right accessory and an overall approach to your personality. Footwear is an indispensable part of a man’s wardrobe. Having that right pair for all those occasions is a must have.

Of all the varieties and style statement that a man can go for in making his shoe rack, men’s espadrilles are a must have. With cool and sneak looks they are the best available summer shoes. These shoes are comfortable for one’s feet and also on one’s pocket. After long and chilly winter and tired of wearing thick boots, these would surely come as a comfort during the spring and hotter months of the year. Wearing a pair of this fashionable and sneak footwear you will not only hop, skip and jump but can also simply relax.

Espadrille has its origin in the Catalonia, earlier Spain where they were worn by poor farmers during the summers. Over a period of time, espadrilles have evolved and have formed an integral part of men’s footwear fashion. Men’s espadrilles have gained immense popularity in European countries like Spain, Italy and France. Bangladesh, an Asian country, contributes a major portion toward manufacturing espadrilles in the world.

Men’s espadrilles range from open or closed toes to exposed backs. They are also styled as simple slip on where you wear them for maximum comfort. The make also varies from canvas or cloth on the top with flexible but solid sole.

Though the traditional espadrille is out of fashion now, however the modern cuts and nicks have given the espadrilles what it is today. Men wear espadrilles as a part of regular comfort wear or simply with casual outfits. Espadrilles are available in canvas and jute variety.

Of all the varieties available, mens espadrilles are famous with the jute make. The jute make is eco-friendly in modern times. When we are heading towards going green, the jute make has become increasingly favourite among men. The cloth or the canvas comes with a wide array of colours. The colours may vary from earthly to bright red and maroon which adds colour to one’s life. The jute make is elegant and intricate. Different technologies like innovative hydraulic pressure and hand woven are used to manufacture the espadrilles.

Mens espadrilles are fashionable and trendy. Comfortable in summers and price has variety. You can choose to walk in to a store and buy a pair of espadrilles or simply shop them online. The online stores these days not only offer a wide variety which you can choose and shop but also offer various discounts from time to time. Owning a pair of espadrilles will make your wardrobe look elegant.


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